Parrels Advisory is a strategic consultancy helping businesses overcome their...

biggest, costliest, and most complex problems.

Strategy means nothing if your people are not inspired and empowered to take action and make it a reality.

Ryan Walter

Founder, Parrels Advisory

Business leaders are under constant pressure making it a challenge for them to address far-reaching issues within their companies.

We offer an objective, big-picture view on an organization’s challenges, and create tailored strategies that address them quickly and effectively.

Our founder, Ryan Walter, has worked as a senior executive from start-up through enterprise environments and seen the spectrum of business dilemmas firsthand.  His expertise and empathy run deep.

Ryan is passionate about helping companies build their own futures by cultivating clarity, momentum, and an insatiable hunger for accomplishment.  He’s built the problem-solving consultancy he wishes he could have called back when he was sitting in the corner office.

We always start with people.  They are the bedrock of your company and eager to achieve more, but may feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the journey they are taking.  We are here to simplify the steps, unlock their potential, and help them move forward to make that vision a reality.