Thriving businesses face big, complex problems

Regardless of size, location, and industry, companies everywhere struggle with large-scale, long-term questions.

  • How do we become more customer-centric?
  • What can we do to triple our market share?
  • Where do we go from here?

It's hard making progress when trying to navigate these big picture issues.


Sometimes you can see the problem with crystal clarity but don’t know how to start tackling it.


Other times you’ve developed solid strategic plans, but just can’t seem to implement as expected and get the right results.


This leaves the big stuff unaddressed, frustrating everyone from employees to customers.

We Specialize in Making the Complex Simple

Our job is to help your company get clarity around its…

biggest, scariest problems

make or break decisions

From there create a customized plan of action to address them.


Unlike other strategic business consultants, we will never hand you a boilerplate list of recommendations and abandon you to implement them yourself.  We are here to help you navigate through the decision process, knock out your goals, and achieve some brag-worthy results.

Transformation is not as easy as many consultants make it out to be

This is due in part to deep-seated business problems that have a wide variety of causes, often occurring simultaneously.  We know that addressing the symptoms of a problem isn’t enough; we need to get to the source of a pain point and eradicate it for good.

Knowing this we factor in


when we begin working with a new client.

The Parrels Process – SEERS™ Methodology

Our proprietary SEERS™ model gets to the root causes and scope of the problem.

This processe leverages our expertise and intuition to quickly capture insights.

Services & Offerings

Our premiere offering is a custom engagement designed to meet each client’s unique needs.  Working with businesses of all sizes, across industries, our process works best when we can dig deep, evaluate honestly, and create tailor-made solutions.  We also offer a number of structured and packaged solutions targeted to solve your tough challenge.  If you are looking for a laser-focused solution to a long standing problem, Parrels has the answer.  While not a full or exhaustive list, below you can find a snapshot of current services and offerings.

Before accelerating into things, you need a clear picture of where things currently stand, what your options are, and how difficult the journey might be. With this in place, you will be able to confidently begin your planning knowing the right destination for you.

Once you know where you want to go, you need to figure out how to get there. The challenge is picking the right course and approach that will have everyone lined up and rowing in the same direction. A lot of things can arise which can throw you off course and properly addressing them here makes all the difference.

It's important to remain vigilent while on the journey. Working together, we will help you stay on track, evaluate results, and adjust as needed. Your business never sits still and having an experienced guide with you will make all the difference.

The needs of every business vary and don't often fall neatly between the lines. There are times when the need is very specific and others when a broader focus is required. We offer a variety of resourcing approaches to meet your particular requirements.

Skilled facilitators guide you through the process so you don’t have to.  This allows you to fully engage and focus with your team getting aligned around a clear vision for the future.

In this effort, we will focus on evaluating the right information and separating the causes from the symptoms.  This allows you to make informed and inspired decisions aimed at moving you forward quickly.

At times, the way companies are structured or operate can hamper progress.  This offering looks deeper into organizational and leadership areas to determine areas of friction and what opportunities can be unleashed.

When your business, processes, and technology are not in sync, it can turn into an uphill battle.  This effort determines where there is misalignment and calls out what can be done to harmonize them and unlock new opportunities.

Before starting you need to know where you stand and what lies in front of you.  At the conclusion you will have an accurate snapshot of where you currently stand, what it will take to reach your goals, the risks involved, and how ready you are to proceed.

Picking the right path is important.  By building the right approach and process for how things will be done, you will be in a position to take quick, decisive action and make adjustments as you go.

The best plans put in place don’t always work if everyone isn’t on the same page and moving in the same direction.  This engagement will get at the heart of what’s creating the silos between teams and get everyone working together and heading towards the same goal.

Without the appropriate structure, you don’t have a stable foundation to build upon.  By putting the right processes and measurement capabilities in place, you will be able to effectively manage your business and adjust seamlessly to changes as they arise.

Often you need a guide on the journey to stay on track and deal with the unknown.  We serve as your steadying hand and navigator overseeing your strategic programs to keep them in sync, on track, and delivering to expectations.

The way projects and programs are run can have an impact on results.  This offering brings improvement to your portfolio management process by better aligning priorities, improving results, increasing utilization, and driving continual improvement.

Do you have a specific, targeted initiative that is stuck or just needs to be kicked into gear?  This effort starts by determining what’s holding things back and then implements the necessary changes to accelerate progress and build momentum towards your bigger goals.

Great plans and projects fail when the impact to people and their environment is not taken into account.  By bringing in key practices and approaches, you can ensure the transformation is successful and there is great adoption within the organization.

Ensuring your major technological advancements deliver the value expected and can support you into the future is critical.  This service provides capabilities uniquely designed for the digital environment bringing all groups together, progress on track, and delivery under budget and within timelines.

In this retained executive advisor role we look across your organization both at today and over the horizon.  You receive the insight, perspective, and experienced leadership needed from an independent, confidential, and honest voice that cuts through the noise.

There are times companies find themselves in need of a part-time CxO to drive critical change and initiatives forward.  We provide experienced resources able to hit the ground running and drive immediate results for your business.

What happens when you need some one-on-one guidance?  This service is designed to meet that requirement.  You can consult our experts on an hourly basis to get support addressing your particular issues or challenges.

Do you have a growth mindset?  Our roundtables consist of highly motivated and successful executives across a wide cross-section of businesses and industries.  These moderated groups provide you an accelerated environment to grow yourself and the business through the value of a committed and diverse peer network.

Our Capabilities

We’ve got what it takes to identify, address, and eradicate your toughest business challenges.  A snapshot of our advisory, consulting, mentoring, and coaching capabilities includes:

Digital, Growth, Acceleration, & Scaling
Planning, Change Management, Consulting, & Execution
Business & Operational
Planning, Development, Excellence, & Improvement
Management, Rationalization, Evaluation, & Research