Avoiding the Bottom-Up Conundrum

Many organizations fall into the trap of buying and implementing software applications making it the primary focus of their efforts.  This is understandable considering the complexity technology presents to many and the underlying desire for a ‘solution to my problem.’  Unfortunately, this creates an unbalanced paradigm and starts companies off on the wrong foot because it isn’t focused on the most important thing of all: the actual needs of the business.

What are the outcomes of the sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars an organization puts into the acquisition of new technologies to better their company?  Business leaders often find themselves stuck between their specific departments, the data, and missed expectations.  It drags them down.  The efficiency they so hoped for regarding the collection of information and knowing how to apply gets lost.  Eventually you end up in a position where you are limited in what you can do and see new opportunities pass you by because you can’t respond in time.

As we entered the 2010s, we were introduced to data—oceans of data—and all that data invited us to make sense of it.  According to an article from McKinsey, “If we could collect images of humans, we could use these to recognize their faces. If we could ‘see’ objects such as roads and pedestrians, we could use this to automatically drive cars.” More radical change comes when companies stitch together pieces of external intelligence and create new business models with them. It starts with data, getting it, maintaining it, and ensuring it’s accurate.

From there you work on how to make it available to things that need it followed by processes to manipulate it and presentation options to present it.  This may sound too complex but it isn’t and it’s exactly this fear that leads many down the path of picking and shackling themselves to the monolithic applications we’ve become so accustomed to.

When we start by understanding the needs of the business the path becomes clearer and managing our data effectively leads the way.  At Parrels Advisory, we can help you connect and move forward by aligning your IT and business strategies, setting you up on on the path to long-term success.  In just one wee you can:

  • Discover additional savings
  • Unlock new opportunities
  • Focus on what really matters
  • Bring yourself peace of mind
  • Align your priorities

We specialize in making the complex simple with the knowledge and expertise empowering you to drive transformation forward.  Don’t let technology get in the way of your business’ potential when it could turn to one of your greatest competitive advantages.  We’d welcome the chance to talk, learn more, and show you how to accelerate forward.

Ryan Walter

Ryan Walter

I'm a passionate problem solver who loves taking on the toughest business challenges that leave companies stuck or simply unable to get started by making the complex achievable. By helping them get to what's next, they achieve significant and sustainable transformation. There's a path to success out there for every business that wants to more. You just need to accelerate your approach.

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