Our Client's Success Is The Reward

In Their Own Words

As my business was growing and beginning to prosper I found it increasingly challenging to remain focused on the most important activities and to effectively on board new clients. Ryan took the time to understand what I needed and helped me determine the right solutions and approaches I should be taking. As a result of this, we’ll be able to onboard more new customers and offer additional services leading to greater revenue. I’m excited and looking forward to what’s next with the confidence knowing I can better handle whatever is thrown my way.
Caitlin During
Owner, Meraki Media Management
Ryan has provided the boost my small business needed. As an owner, things are always changing, it’s difficult to keep up, and almost impossible to be an expert in everything you are expected to do. I needed someone who would partner with me and be willing to get their hands dirty in the actual work, not just give advice. Ryan has made the complex much more simple for our business by providing the guidance, perspective, and insight we desired. If you need someone to stand by your side to help with all the challenges running a business entails or just to answer a couple questions that have been holding you back, I highly recommend giving Ryan a call.
Cyndii Grim
Owner, Ultimate Image Salon & Spa
The process of starting up our new business created challenges in determining how best to use the limited resources and background starting a company resulting in delays. Ryan’s collaborative approach positioned us to take ownership of our direction providing clarity, focus, and alignment of our messaging. We’ve just started our proof of concept session and were sold out at our list price with the waiting list for the next session growing daily. The excitement and confidence are so high we’re considering accelerating our plans and can’t wait to see what the future holds.
Derek Rodner
Founder, Uplink Studios
We’ve wanted to address a number of items in order to grow faster but weren’t sure the best way to pull it all together. The attention to detail on top of the wealth of knowledge and new ideas provided opened our eyes to areas we hadn’t thought about before. As a result of the help and direction given, we’re now on course to double our revenue much faster than initially planned. Ryan’s commitment and passion to our success was incredible and beyond anything we expected.
David Kamora
Owner, 610 AutoHaus
With a recent realignment and new footprint, it felt like I was spinning my wheels and was having a hard time pinpointing where to begin. Ryan took the time to listen to my vision, purpose, and goals, and help me find focus on what mattered most. With his help navigating through top priorities, he helped me steer to a solid course. His ability to quickly assess key focus points to propel the organization forward locally is impressive; he was able to take the forest and break it down to the tree level to get us moving.
Jennifer Graham
Executive Director, Red Cross (Delaware Valley)
Ryan is a great listener to challenges and problems, asks insightful questions to make sure all aspects are considered and then formulates really good solutions and path to positive change.
Gianluca Santinelli
Managing Director, Supporting Strategies Brandywine Valley
Ryan is a trusted and well respected member of our community who has helped many businesses grow and thrive. I'd recommend him to anyone looking to move their business forward with an experienced partner by their side.
Ana Yevonishon
Owner, Expressions Photography
By being able to see the big picture and chart a course aligned to our goals, they turned our vision into reality. The transparency of their approach saw us through significant transformation initiatives establishing our leadership role on several fronts.
Chief Revenue Officer
Global Payments Solution Provider
Facilitating our journey through-out, they took our revenue opportunity in search of a problem to solve and helped us define a market, determine a product roadmap, and implement a go to market strategy resulting in triple digit growth year over year.
Senior Vice President, Sales & Support
Digital Financial Technology Provider
Parrels helped bring order to our chaos. Their analysis and targeted advice allowed us to quickly target areas impacting our troubled stores and improve net revenue by $4M per year.
Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer
Major US Sports & Apparel Retailer
Our silos never seem to stop them. While it looked like an up hill battle, they found ways to bring energy and passion leading to cross the board consensus. They proved how a flexible approach can be a differentiator.
Head of Managed Client Services
Fortune 500 - Enterprise Software
In developing our strategy and approach for a new, high-potential opportunity, we needed a partner that could work within specific conditions. We appreciated Ryan’s ability to adapt his approach as the situation matured as well as his responsiveness and the different options he brought to the table. By working collaboratively with us a thoughtful and thorough plan was developed allowing us to continue forward quickly knowing Ryan is committed to its ongoing success.
Ramzi Iskandar
Founder, IRG F&B Concepts

Results Matter

A global software and services company was struggling to leverage its scale and support requirements for a pending acquisition.  An organizational transition and operational improvement plan for the company was created and deployed. The streamlined change implementation yielded results of $70M/year expense run rate reduction and supported an acquisition price that exceeded expectations by 20%.

A digital marketing solutions provider was experiencing unexpected growth but struggling under the pressures of managing scale and keeping the business on track at the same time.  After determining the current condition and other environmental impacts, a more focused and data driven approach was created to drive greater value by shrinking the portfolio of offering.  Not only did this drive growth rates higher than they had been, it reduced the level of churn and risk streamlining the management process.  There was no degradation in quality and ownership found themselves enjoying their work more than ever before.

A financial services company was struggling to convert from a traditional products provider to one offering B2B SaaS solutions.  Brought in with less than 2-months of available cash flow remaining, the entire strategy and approach was re-developed and deployed from go to market strategy through product development.  As a result, in less than two years the company was earning 8-digit annual recurring revenue.

An e-gaming start-up was challenged after a successful proof-of-concept was waylaid due to the pandemic and closure of facilities.  Working collaboratively, a business resilience and growth plan was created that resulted in new revenue streams, a more diverse portfolio, and attainment of break-even in under nine months.

A major regional retail organization was stuck trying to implement its next generation strategy across all its stores.  After evaluating the current approach and developing a new model that was more nimble and focused on returning value, the organization realized a 9% improvement to Corporate revenue, 16% increase in EBITDA, and 42% improvement within targeted struggling stores that had been tagged for closure.

A high-end personal services business well established in the area was struggling as a result of the pandemic and other changes that created a significant reduction in revenue.  Through advisory and a recovery plan, the business was able to return to profitability in under three months and successfully navigate an acquisition and move within six months.

A Fortune 100 healthcare services company was struggling to meet the strategic demands for its offering with over 4M customers.  Through a collaborative engagement and a vision alignment process it was determined customer engagement, speed of development, and overall architectural approach needed to be addressed.  The resulting outcoming brought cross-functional groups together, discovered over $8M in annual expense reduction, called out $3M in new revenue opportunity, and developed a roadmap and approach that would increase speed of development by 85%.

When the regional arm of a national non-profit experienced a re-organization two days before pandemic precautions went into place, they were left challenged trying to determine how to proceed, what their key value drivers would be, and where they could obtain services.  Working closely with the leadership, a new strategic plan was executed that allowed them to focus efforts in areas of greatest need as well as adapt quickly to the changing requirements in the community.  As a result, they went from standstill to offering pertinent, supportive solutions in less than six weeks.

With the upheaval created during the pandemic, a business trade and commerce organization was challenged to determine its course for the future.  Developing a new values-based strategic approach, the group was able to meet a rising tide of business needs and saw its membership increase while peer organizations struggled with 25% attrition levels during the same time period.

A national financial services provider was trying to develop a new rapid growth strategy but struggling.  After evaluating the opportunity both internally and externally an approach and roadmap were created.  Recognized results were robust and exceed expectations by over 60% in less than six months and also opened a new technical solution revenue stream that added $15M/yr new to net income.

A luxury automotive service provider needed to align and updates its processes in order to meet the scaling goals it had set out.  Working together, a plan of attack was laid out to address the most critical and impactful processes while at the same time enabling a solution that could adapt over time.  As a result, they were able to expand 8 months earlier than planned while reducing forecasted-related costs by 15%