Slow Down, You’re Moving Too Fast

I’m overwhelmed and under water…

Everything seems like it’s out of control…

There’s too much to do and so much stress… 

Almost every conversation with a new client over the past six months has included at least one of the above statements.  It’s no surprise with the immense level of disruption and uncertainty we’ve all encountered. 

There’s a common thread shared across many of those responsible for the survival and success of their businesses.  Having gotten to where they are through hard work and determination, they’ve responded to the current environment by taking on even more burden.  While admirable, and even noble in some cases, they encounter situations where they have little experience and are well beyond their comfort level.  Many put in countless hours just to survive, only to find themselves at the end of the week, exhausted, and no closer to their goals than before.  While it may sound counter-intuitive, there are times you can do too much and are better served focusing more time on fewer things.

Considering the current climate, there are other important reasons to concentrate on fewer tasks:

  • Not all are created equally and for many the ramifications if they aren’t completed to a certain level are minimal.
  • The more we have on our mind, the greater our attention and focus are divided.  Quality can suffer as a result and there are particular cases where that isn’t acceptable.
  • A lack of suitable time to reflect/consider limits problem solving and creativity.  With the added complexity faced by everyone, failing to give yourself ‘thinking’ time for the really big, scary problems and make-or-break decisions is a recipe for disaster.

While there are a number of things you can do to align your focus, one thing that can help in every scenario is to just worry about the next step in that particular journey.  A lot of time is spent worrying about the fact that you don’t have all the answers to get to the finish line that we lose time thinking about things we can’t control nor accurately predict.  It requires a leap of faith for some, but having the confidence in yourself to limit your attention to the most important things and address what’s next in your journey will go along way to helping you sleep easier at night and build your own future.

Ryan Walter

Ryan Walter

I'm a passionate problem solver who loves taking on the toughest business challenges that leave companies stuck or simply unable to get started by making the complex achievable. By helping them get to what's next, they achieve significant and sustainable transformation. There's a path to success out there for every business that wants to more. You just need to accelerate your approach.

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