Customer Testimonials

Parrels seems to thrive on solving problems that no one wants to tackle and appear to be little more than a few concepts on a napkin.

Founder/Board Member
(Financial Services & Technology Start-Ups)

We’re continually surprised by how they take complex issues and make them simple. They have distinguished themselves as a true partner.

Executive Vice President, Emerging Solutions
(Fortune 300 – Financial Services)

Our silos never seem to stop them. While it looked like an up hill battle, they found ways to bring energy and passion leading to cross the board consensus. They proved how a flexible approach can be a differentiator.

Head of Managed Client Services
(Fortune 500 – Enterprise Software)

Facilitating our journey through-out, they took our revenue opportunity in search of a problem to solve and helped us define a market, determine a product roadmap, and implement a go to market strategy resulting in triple digit growth year over year.

Senior Vice President, Sales & Support
(Digital Technology Start-Up)

Parrels helped bring order to our chaos. Their analysis and targeted advice allowed us to quickly target areas impacting our troubled stores and improve net revenue by $4M per year.

Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer
(Major US Sports & Apparel Retailer)

By being able to see the big picture and chart a course aligned to our goals, they turned our vision into reality. The transparency of their approach saw us through significant transformation initiatives establishing our leadership role on several fronts.

Chief Revenue Officer
(Global Payments Solution Provider)

Success Stories

Jump Starting Shared Services

Developed an organizational transition and operational improvement plan for company struggling to leverage its scale.  The streamlined change implementation yielded results of $70M/year expense run rate reduction.

The Next Step

Enabling a financial services provider in the development and implementation of a rapid growth strategy yielding robust results above expectations including the implementation of a new technical solution revenue stream. 

Managed Service Value

Stuck in neutral an organization with over 80 business units was trying to find new revenue opportunities.  After evaluating market conditions and implementing a programmatic approach to delivery, Parrels developed a managed service offering with over 3,500 staff yielding a 29% improvement to inside sales and 11% increase to customer retention.

Brick & Mortar Turn-Around

Facilitated the implementation for a major retail organization of its next generation strategy across its stores.  The end result was a 9% improvement to Corporate revenue, 16% increase in EBITDA, and 42% improvement within targeted struggling stores.

Innovative Digital Start-Up

Guided a digital B2B solutions company from the brink to 8-digit annual recurring revenue.  Led the charge establishing go-to-market strategy, resolving troubled customer engagements, and enabling a partnership & alliance program.

Empowering you to do more

Crossing the street while others debate building an overpass

From strategy to execution

Break down silos and move in the same direction

Building solutions through the language of business

Delivering conscientious transformation

Your bridge from canvas to masterpiece

Tailor-made solutions for your one-of-a-kind business

Start the race while everyone waits for the starter to arrive

Simple solutions to complex problems

When you've got a road-trip planned but no map

Listen and understand while others tell you what you need

Put the puzzle together when no picture is available

Helping clients overcome challenges and achieve more

Who you call when the bus driver fails to show up

Take you from the edge of the canyon to the finish line

Determine when a simpler solution will do

Insights to sustain today and accelerate into tomorrow

Get you out of park and on the road to success

Turn the whisper of a concept into reality

Get you out of the endless cycle so you can get things done

Perform the Rorschach analysis on your artwork

  • Solve problems by evaluating each situation individually.
  • Advise and spearhead organizational and strategic transformation to create positive synergies and achieve stated goals respectful of the business' identity.
  • Execute with a mindset centered on priorities and an energy that applies the right focus at the right time.
Our focus is providing you the right solution at the right time.  Three cornerstones anchor our process to achieve your objectives.


Put our customers in the center

  • Solve their problems
  • Support their change
  • Do what is committed

Embrace uniqueness

  • Understand the complete picture and respect its uniqueness
  • Build surgical solutions that fit individual needs and priorities

Delivering on promises equals success

  • Never over-engineer
  • See through the complete execution of strategy
  • The right solution is what's right for the customer not us

Bring our whole selves

  • Utilize our diversity of experience
  • Come at everything with a fresh perspective
  • Listen and respond based on what we hear and perceive
It all comes down to solutions, and across every industry, we have found one undeniable truth: they are never one size fits all. We bring a comprehensive approach leveraging honed analysis and acute intuition developed over decades, not years, and leadership abilities strengthened by facing challenges head on. You need someone who:

  • Can develop solutions tailored to your unique position, vision, and challenges.

  • Will be invested in your growth and success.

  • Has been in the same seat you're in.

  • Is on your side.
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